Labs: Podio + GlobiFlow Experiments & Tutorials

Introducing powerful regular expression parsing of any text, especially emails received.

The closest we could get to faking an "Are you sure?" pop-up in Podio.

An interesting approach to dealing with (and preventing) duplicate records in Podio.

A quick flow to detect duplicates when new items are created.

A highly useful scenario to send SMS text messages and receive replies to them in your Podio App.

This simple lab shows how to detect if a new calendar entry conflicts with any existing items.

This is a pretty complex scenario we use to automatically generate PDF reports with charts embedded in them automatically.

Dashboards are useful and charts are pretty. This lab shows how to achieve a dashboard INSIDE of Podio.

This example shows how to get a daily email of ageing invoices.

This simple example shows how to use date fields to schedule a flow on a continual basis.