Labs: Podio + GlobiFlow Experiments & Tutorials

How to insert specific Podio Item fields into your public website.

This example shows how to use a Jobs App in Podio and show all the open jobs on your public website in a table, with click-through to details for each job.

For this example, we're going to build an advanced helpdesk system in Podio with exciting bells and whistles.

The members of the GlobiFlow community have spoken and you can now easily share your Podio items.

For this example, we are going to create a PDF invoice using a detail table for the line items.

To demonstrate some of the new GlobiFlow functionality of external pages and intelligent buttons, here's a simple helpdesk application.

This example shows a flow that will undo any changes made to an app if the changes were not made by an approved person.

When a new item is created in a task app, a user must be assigned, and in this example, we pick one randomly automatically each time.

A short how-to guide on creating charts and graphs from Podio report widgets.

This example shows flows to auto-prune an app to archive old items and keep the number of items down to a manageable size.