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Using the Manual Run

Using the Manual Run lets you run a flow on all items in an app.
Note: Webhook Throttling can occur when running a manual flow for a Mass Update to Items. If you experience delays, check the main Account page for Throttled Events.

If you need to flow to run on your existing items, you can manually run the flow by choosing the drop down button that appears beside the Edit button.

Select Run from the drop down. This will then bring up a pop up box where you can select how many items you want this flow to run on.

Once OK is selected, a new popup box will appear. Here will run a list of items that match the filter criteria. Actions are performed on these items.

If you need to STOP a manual flow that has been manually ran, you will need to DEACTIVATE the flow itself to stop any further actions from occurring. Just clicking outside the popup box does NOT stop the flow.


Let's say we have a manual flow that resets a category field on identical items.

And lets say we already have items that need to have their category fields reset.

We can manually run the flow on our existing items, in this example, we'll do it for all items (0).

The results of our flow being manually ran allows us to update existing items without having to wait for the flow to be triggered.

Warning: This feature does count towards all actions.

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