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Trigger Flow on Collected

To use this action, you must first set up a Manual Flow that can be triggered from another workflow.
This Action is great for Date based flows that do not have trigger items.

For example, when a follow up SMS needs to be sent on a weekly or daily basis

First, create a Team View in Podio using Filters to return only the items you wish to collect.

Then, create a Manual Flow in the Podio App that the collected Items are from.
In this flow, set the SMS action and any other actions you want to complete directly on the item.

Finally, we create the starting By Day or Date flow, using the appropriate Filters required for this workflow.
Here we set the flow to run on every Monday on all new leads from the previous week.

To take this flow further, you can add a filter on the Manual Flow to ensure your action count has enough actions to complete the flow. See PHP Examples

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