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Save current Item File(s) to ShareFile

The Save current Item File(s) to ShareFile action allows you to automatically import files from a Podio item into your connected ShareFile account. As with all ShareFile-related actions, this requires integrating ShareFile with your Podio and Workflow Automations accounts.

Save current Item File(s) to ShareFile action

The first option allows you to select which file or files are imported from the triggering item. The "Save which" dropdown allows you to choose whether to import only the most recent file or all files from an item, and the "with pattern" text field allows you to ignore any files whose names don't contain that pattern. For example, selecting "Save which: 'Most Recent One' with pattern: 'name' will select the most recently-added file that contains 'name' in its file name.

The "Specific Folder" and "Sub-Folder" options allow you to choose whether you'd like to manually set a folder for all files uploaded by this flow to go to, or to use a variable to select a sub-folder dynamically. As an example, if you just wanted all items uploaded through this flow to go to a "Podio Files" folder, you can use the "Specific Folder" option to designate that as the target folder. However, if you wanted to upload each item to a folder whose name matches the title of the original Podio item, you can use the "Sub-Folder" option to dynamically select a folder matching the "title" variable.

This action with the "Sub-Folder" option selected This action with the "Specific Folder" option selected

(Note that the "Sub-Folder" option cannot create a new folder - that needs to be done using the "Create New ShareFile Folder" action. If GlobiFlow cannot find an existing folder matching the chosen name, the flow will return an error.)

Please note that uploading a file to a folder where a file of the same name already exists will overwrite the existing file. If the File Versioning ShareFile option is disabled, this may cause unexpected behavior.

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