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OAuth Expired

If you are getting an authentication error while opening up your flows and it says the following:

Or if logs are showing the following error:

This means that the authentication with Podio and GlobiFlow has expired.

If you're seeing the error displayed on your flows, you'll need to have the main account holder log into their GlobiFlow account to refresh the authentication.

If your logs are showing this error, please re-save the flow so that the internal ID of the user is updated in the flow.

If, after this, you are still having issues with error, you can have Podio revoke GlobiFlow's access to force re-authentication. You can do so by having the main account holder visit the Podio Settings and clicking on the "Revoke permissions" beside GlobiFlow.

Once revoked, the main account holder will need to log into GlobiFlow again, where they will be asked to grant GlobiFlow access to their Podio account.

Once access has been granted, the error should no longer be appearing on the flows.

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