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Flow Publishing and Automatic Imports

Use Flow Publishing and Automatic Imports when you want to share your flows with other GlobiFlow users. Keep in mind these flows must all be in the same Workspace. Actions referencing other workspaces will not move over.

As the creator of the Flows, you will be responsible for flow-specific support questions. You must set your contact information on the Account page before you can publish flows.

Publish Flows

First, as the Publishing User, share a Podio App or even a Podio Workspace to the Podio App Market

Next, Publish Flows from your GlobiFlow account

  • Publish from Workspace level

  • Or select an App

A pop-up box will appear and list the flows published. Use the scroll to check that all flows were published correctly.
Note: Not all flow settings can be imported, so you will be presented with some warnings upon publishing that your end users will see upon importing the flow, as shown in the screen shots below.

NOTE: Once Published, an Importing User who downloads the App from the Marketplace will receive the Published Flows upon their Refresh from Podio. You can re-publish flows if you have made changes, but those changes will only be reflected for new app installs. GlobiFlow will never touch/update a flow that’s already been imported.

Manage Flows

To Manage Flow Templates as the Publishing User, click the link from the main Account page.

This page will show all Published Flows, the Name and App where the original flow is located and the date of publish.

Highlighted Flow Names will take you directly to the Original Flow in the Flow Tree and App Names to the Shared App in the Marketplace. If the Original Flow or App Name are no longer highlighted, it has been deleted or no longer shared in the Market. You can safely delete any flow template no longer required for sharing.

Automatic Import

First, as the Importing User, install the App(s) from the Marketplace

Next, login to the GlobiFlow account where flows need to be imported and complete a Refresh from Podio. This will first refresh the Flow Tree and then import any new Flows associated with the Apps in the Tree.

Any Imported Flow that require an Integration, Authorization or set User Field will be imported as Deactivated and show an Error at the top of the My Flows Page.

Click the Flow Name to open the flow. The Error message at the top will instruct you on what fields to set.
Switch Flow to Enabled and SAVE to continue.

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