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Delete Comment

Use Delete Comment to delete a comment recently made on the current Podio Item.

Note: This action is only available for flows that Trigger on New Comment and will only delete the triggering comment. No other prior comments from Add Comment actions in this flow will be deleted.

Create a New Comment trigger flow.

It's best to add a Filter or a Sanity Check to check the contents of the comment.

Add the Delete Comment action.

Click (opt) to choose the user which performs this delete comment action.

In following example, we have an app that doesn't allow any items to be created or updated, except by a handful of people. We will also extend this restriction to comments on items by deleting comments made by user that aren't authorized to do so. We will do this in a single flow.

When a comment is made, our filter checks if our comment text matches our warning or if Comment Creator Name is not Workflow Automations . In our actions, we have a sanity check to see if the triggering comment doesn't match our warning text. If true, it will add our warning text. The flow will then wait 30 seconds, allowing time for the warning or triggering comment to be read, then delete the comment. Since this flow could trigger to run once more because of the warning warning comment, it would in turn only delete our warning text.

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