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Update All Referenced Items

Use Update All Referenced to update ALL the Podio Items referenced in another App from the current Item.
Note: Does NOT require the Get Referenced Item collector step

For example, we have a Workspace for Marketing with App A called "New Prospects" and App B called "Responses". The Responses App B has a Relationship Field connected to New Prospects App A.

Direct Mailers are sent out and when a response is received from a prospect, we add it to this responses App. When this new response Item is created, we would like to update the Category Field called Response in the Prospect App to Yes.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger from App B and add any Filters required.

Add the Update Referenced action. Select the Podio App to update, App A, and add the selected fields to update.

Additional Options include:
- Silent - This Update will not show up in Podio notifications
- Hook Event - Option to trigger a hook event, thus triggering another flow if set (turned OFF by default)
- Authentication - This Update can be set to use the App or an Admin Member to make the Update

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