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< / > End If

Use the </> End If action to end a current IF(Sanity Check) condition. Actions after this are once again executed.

Usually using a Sanity Check prevents further actions below from being executed if the logic inside the sanity fails. This creates difficulty in logics for flows and leads to creating multiple flows to handle the same task but with different values. End If allows you to contain actions inside a sanity check and create multiple scenarios in a single flow.

Using the End If action

Once you have a Sanity Check in place, you can add the </> End If to contain your actions within this sanity check.

You may nest multiple sanity checks if you wish by following this logic:

In this following example, it shows how you can nest sanity checks and create multiple scenrios in your flow.

Here is our results if our number is greater or equals than 20:

...and our results if our number is less than 20:

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