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Delete Item

Use Delete Item to delete the current Podio Item.

This action is completed by the Main Account Holder by default. The chosen User must log in once every 30 days to keep a Valid Refresh Token and have Admin permissions in the App in order to Delete Items.

We highly recommend that you use delete in a separate flow as a final step. You could use a category field to indicate the requirement to delete first, and only when this is working properly, use the delete function in a flow.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add the Delete Item action. Additional Options include:
- Silent - This Item will not be bumped up in the Activity stream and notifications will not be generated.
- Hook Event - Option to trigger a hook event, thus triggering another flow if set (turned OFF by default).
- Authentication - This Update can be set to use the App or an Admin Member to make the Update.


If "PodioGoneError - Item has been deleted" errors are being received, typically an item item is being deleted before flows have time to finish triggering. Placing a Wait(Delay) before the Delete Item action may solve the problem.

If "PodioForbiddenError - The App does not have the right to delete" errors are being received, this is because the App does not have the right to delete an Item created by another user. To fix this, update the Authentication of the action to the Admin member who created the App. This user will have the right to delete all items created.

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