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Assign a Podio Task

Use Assign Task to assign a Task to a Podio User.

Learn how to trigger a flow when this Task is completed using the Trigger on Task Completion

Please note that Podio tasks are designed for quick to-do's for you and your team. For bigger tasks and more flexibility, Podio and GlobiFlow recommend creating a separate task app.
More information can be found on how to do this in the Podio Help section.

For this example, in the App for Vacation Request. When a new item is created, a Podio task will be created for the HR manager to approve or deny the request.

Start the flow to Trigger on Item Created from the Vacation Request App

Add the Assign Task action and create the Task template.
-> Tasks can be assigned to any workspace member, the Item Creator or Item Revisor. If there is a contact field on the item, this will also be available in the dropdown.
-> The Date and Time can be set. Use the Current (time/date action is completed) setting or use a Date field on the Podio Item to adjust the date and time accordingly.
-> This task can also be set to Private so that it is not visible to the whole Workspace

Additional Options:
- Assigned By - Choose whether the App or an Admin Member assigns the task

Now, when a new vacation request has been submitted, the manager will be assigned a task that is due 2 hours after the vacation was requested.

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