Simple CRM Podio Automation with GlobiFlow for Podio

Posted: 2013-11-02

Chef Kat is a high-end gourmet private chef in Calgary, Canada who manages her CRM with Podio and uses Podio webforms to collect leads from her website.

Chef Kat had issues with populating initial data on leads, and keeping prospective dates out of her calendar while showing only confirmed dates.

The solution was a 2-app 2-flow setup using GlobiFlow for Podio to pre-populate data on all new leads, and to automate copying leads to the confirmed customers app, where dates are configured to show in her calendar.

In this video, we show this basic real-world automation on a set of demo data:

Although the automation here is pretty simplistic, it saves quite a few steps in the lead-to-customer cycle, and makes managing data inside of Podio much easier.

Here are the Flow steps as defined in GlobiFlow for Podio to achieve this automation in her Podio Workspace:

Chef Kat also uses PodioMail to get her email conversations with leads into her Podio CRM automatically using a BCC Drop Box.

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.