Charts and Graphs in Podio plus More

Posted: 2014-05-12

Over the past few weeks we've added some amazing new features to GlobiFlow for Podio. Some of the major highlights are:


GlobiFlow can now trigger on comment create, and can add comments to any item.

Charts & Graphs

You can now turn any report tile / widget in Podio into a visual Chart or Graph, and have these charts inserted into any image widget or item image field (perfect for dashboard apps right inside Podio).

Our GlobiFlow Workspace on Podio

The above screenshot is our actual GlobiFlow workspace on Podio. Pretty cool stuff. Here's also a video:

Other Minor Enhancements

We've also added to the type of fields that can be accessed and modified in flows, including workspae contact fields - these can now be created on the fly.

Andreasby Andreas Huttenrauch
Owner of Globi Web Solutions, and Podio Fanatic.